Fair warning: This will not be a cheery tome but it is not my darkest work by any stretch. I include a photo of nature to balance things up a bit.

Democracy is long dead, in reality the subversion of the principle of democracy was inevitable, and arguably was stillborn.

The reason? Human nature is, well, human. We are of the earth and have feet of clay at the end of the day. Our simple drives predispose us for corruption, sometimes by inches, other times in the blink of an eye.

When corruption is firmly established in society it fades…

The Ocean is always changing and presenting new perspectives

Dementia is such a cruel affliction; it spreads its damage wide like an unchoked shotgun. Its impact is far and wide, and knows no restraint or awareness. We are robbed of our loved ones as they were.

Of course everything changes, and while we know that, it still does not prepare us for such heartbreak as awaits us in this new phase of our relationship with the afflicted person. It is heartbreaking to see this as it is often felt as loss. The sometimes alarming rate at which this happens can also be disturbing.

Sometimes the old glint appears in…

You know how quickly you lose fitness after a break from exercising?

The first session back shows how much strength and cardio you have lost, and that can be in less than a week.

You don’t recover as quickly and injury is more likely than prior to the break.

Imagine how much condition you would lose in a year. A lot.

Imagine now the conventional model of your immune system. Which has continuous challenges being defended and managed by this amazing power.

What if you don’t exercise the immune system every day?

What might happen?

Would it get weaker?


Life has many dimensions together they make the earth flower

Is corruption a new thing? Are we just noticing it more?

Corruption is everywhere and it is insidious. Corruption grows by inches pushing the line further back until there is no line.

When someone gives us something, we, as humans often feel an obligation is created. Returning the favour is programmed into us culturally.

A donation to a political party for some planning approvals that will generate employment seems okay on the face of it. If that activity is environmentally disastrous, then perhaps not.

Donations from agenda driven organisations always have an obligation attached. All organisations have agendas of course…

Sometimes there are no facts, just opinions.

Have you ever disagreed about what colour something is?

“That is not yellow that is orange”.

Why does this happen?

This can be because of the light or because we “see” colour slightly differently.

We have a difference in perception.

Who is right?

One, both or neither.

Does an absolute authority exist over what to call a colour?


Witness the millions of shades of colour available

and the names used to describe.

Names which are pretty subjective when you look at it.

All language and words are made up

by consensus.


A path through the forest curves around to the right beyond a fallen tree.
A path through the forest curves around to the right beyond a fallen tree.
The Path to paradise awaits

I am not a religious person in the sense of being a disciple of dogmatised scripture, but I do sense the sacredness of the underlying principles of many, if not all, religions, be they written or oral traditions.

We have long since defiled the sacredness of the earth and its living things by perversion of these sacred principles. We have defiled the temple.

Many people lead lives based on essentially sacred precepts like the commandments of the Bible or similarly noble principles. We all share the same hopes and dreams at our core, to live a happy and fruitful life…

We are social creatures and nothing has illustrated that more for me than the current CoVID-19 induced lockdown. People need people, I know I do. More so now than before the lockdown.

When I saw the “ruling” that no more than 10 people at a funeral I thought, how cruel was that. A time of grief and loss is the time where people need people the most. It didn’t and still does not seem right.

Last week my partner and I attended a funeral service of a friend online. …

My brain hurts. It appears that Big Pharma and the Gates Foundation are winning the fear war to get us all vaccinated. If humans are skin bags of bacteria and viruses, we are superbly evolved to, well evolve, as viruses and bacteria do, then why is there no focus on developing our immune system rather than injecting the body with a vaccine that is already past it’s use by date. The virus has moved on, vaccine developers are where the ball used to be not where it is now, to use a sporting analogy.

It is not so much the…

Shaun Scallan

Sustainability and Equity. This informs all aspects of my life. And yes, perhaps a bit too serious.

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